Graduation Festivities Begin!

Wednesday, we kicked off graduation week in full swing!

It began with our yearbook assembly! Presented to the students by yearbook editor, Sarah Beth Amos, this year’s theme was “Blueprints.”

In her remarks, Sarah Beth said, “This year’s theme is “Blueprints”. If you have ever watched the progress of a major construction project, you may know that it starts with a blueprint. A blueprint is defined as photographic print in blue on white; a detailed plan used as a model to provide guidance. That seemed to us to perfectly represent the role and the purpose of Brookstone School. The moment a student takes his or her first footsteps on this campus, he is a work in progress. The people we encounter, the experiences we have, the lessons we learn, and the memories we make are all a part of our detailed blueprints.”


Sarah Beth Amos addresses the students before distributing the yearbooks.


Seniors get their first peek at the new yearbooks!


This year’s yearbook was dedicated to Stephanie East, Upper School French teacher, mentor, and friend to all.

After the yearbook ceremony concluded, seniors donned their robes and headed to the Quad for a school-wide celebration of their graduation! There is nothing more fun than to watch the interaction between the big kids and the little ones here on campus! We might range in age from three to eighteen, but we are one big family!


Second graders line up ready to cheer for the seniors!


Students made these hearts to express their love towards the seniors!


And some had some sage wisdom to impart!


The festivities continued last night with the Senior Awards Dinner held at the River Mill. It was a lovely setting in which to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates.


Sisters Emma and Molly Graham with teachers Stephanie and Jim East.




Senior Mackenzie Koon with Spanish teacher Olga Jenkins.


Seniors Marcus Webster and Tillman Heard proudly display their technology medals!

Today, the set up continues. Chairs have been set, trees and flowers are arriving, and the sun is shining! We can’t wait for tomorrow’s beautiful ceremonies!


*A special thanks to Jenifer Amos, Courtney Koon, Olivia Blanchard, Caroline Heard and Emma Graham for sharing their pictures.

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