Global Online Academy

When Brookstone became a member of Global Online Academy in 2017, we joined a consortium of elite independent schools committed to developing students through excellent teaching and deep learning in shared, online classrooms. In fact, there are only four other schools in the state of Georgia who are members, Lovett, Savannah Country Day, and Westminster.

Brookstone’s partnership with GOA allows eligible students access to specialized courses during which they engage and learn alongside students from around the world. Courses are led by teachers exclusively from member schools, and they all receive extensive training regarding the core competencies at the heart of all GOA courses:

  • Collaborate with peers who are not sitting with them on campus
  • Communicate and empathize with people living in areas of the world that are culturally different from their own
  • Leverage their curiosity to curate and create content that is relevant to real-world issues
  • Reflect on and take responsibility for their learning and that of others in an open forum
  • Organize their time and tasks to become independent learners
  • Interpret assignments and express themselves using a variety of learning tools

We are proud of the students who pioneered GOA at Brookstone. Last year, we had eight students taking six different courses: Multivariable Calculus, Gender Studies, Genocide and Human Rights, Java Programming, IOS App Development, and Japanese I. They represented our school beautifully and engaged with students who were otherwise inaccessible.


2018 graduates Josh Fernicola, Will Byrd, Bo Voltz, Uma Allapan, and Ethan Martin all took a year-long Multivariable Calculus course. Elim Lee took a semester of Genocide and Human Rights and a semester of Gender Studies.

Will Byrd, now a freshman at GA Tech, feels that GOA “allows more advanced students to push themselves to their potential.” Emory University freshman Uma Allapan says, “GOA Multivariable Calculus was one of the best classes I have ever taken. I truly believe my experience with GOA has prepared me for college and life. Not only was I able to learn new math skills and techniques with students from all corners of the world but also make lasting friendships that I carry with me to college.” Also during our first experience with GOA, Dan Amos completed his first year of Japanese, Reed Bickerstaff completed a course in iOS App Design, and Justin Hopf took Introduction to Investments over the summer.

 We are proud of our growth with GOA this year. Graham Wolff and Sammi Rice are taking Medical Problem Solving I & II, while Cindy Peng is tackling Arabic in addition to her French requirements. Matthey Hanney and David Liao are continuing our tradition of having students enrolled in Multivariable Calculus, and Matthew is our first student to manage two GOA courses in one semester with the addition of Computer Science II: Game Design 2nd semester. Ruth Hunter will take Music Theory and Digital Composition next semester, while Antonia Nunley and Manav Shah take Computer Science II: Java. Dan Amos will take his second year of Japanese, and Princess Ali will be our second student to take Gender Studies.


Interested in more information about the Global Online Academy?  Visit to learn more or contact Bonnie Smith, Brookstone’s GOA Site Director.

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