Football Off-Season Training

It might be springtime, but our football players already have next season on their mind! And from the looks of it now, it’s going to be a good one!

See the following email excerpt from our Varsity Football Coach, Blair Harrison:

Our football team just finished our “winter phase” of our strength program.  I have traditionally sent a communication on how we are doing to our football parents. But in all honesty, I am using this platform to brag on our players!

They have been working so hard and I would like to share some information that will show their hard work.

First, please congratulate DJ Jones and Dan Amos for making the “BLUE IRON CLUB.”*  They join current returning players Coleman Galbraith, Charlie Gilliam, and John Kim. Their names will forever remain on the weight room wall recognizing their accomplishment.

Second, I would like to share that our returning 33 players have collectively put on 360 pounds of weight to their bodies.  We have 15 players benching over 200 pounds with 5 players benching over 250 pounds and 1 player benching over 300 pounds.  We have 14 players squatting over 300 pounds, with 5 squatting over 400 pounds.  We have 7 of the 33 deadlifting over 400 pounds and 15 power cleaning over 185 pounds.

To see the results of this work in a side by side comparison, just check out junior Parker Hicks, who put on 40 pounds of muscle this year!


Football workouts and conditioning will continue through the spring and summer and if our boys keep this up, just watch out!


*To be a member of the Blue Iron Club, during max week, a player must bench 225 or more, squat 375 or more, incline 200 or more, do 10 or more dips, deadlift 385 or more, and power clean 200 or more. Wow.

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