Be the One Who Starts Early!

img_9891From Leigh Anne Floyd, our Lower and Intermediate School Principal…

What a fun time we’ve had in the Lower and Intermediate Schools celebrating National Reading Awareness month. A big thank you goes out to Erin Trotter and Joe Mills for creating the fun calendar of activities, and thank you to the teachers and students for embracing it all as they celebrated their love of reading.

I had the magical opportunity this week to read with 3K student, Brantley Hayes. She was one of the winners from the Dr. Seuss raffle. I listened with pride as SHE read to me. That’s right! We are producing readers in our 3K and PreK program!


The learning that is taking place in those classrooms is impressive.  From reading, writing, and math to manners, making good choices, and helping others, our 3K and PreK teachers are dedicated to supporting our little ones as they become confident in their abilities to explore, learn, demonstrate compassion, and be inspired to become leaders and problem-solvers.



At Brookstone, we believe that a child’s first school experience should be a happy one.  It’s through play that children learn to make sense and gain mastery of the world around them. Our teachers have created a warm and nurturing environment that builds self-confidence and fosters curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning. That, my friends, is priceless! #betheonewhostartsearly



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