Blue White Day and Country Fair

Blue and White Day and Country Fair were both held last week! Both of these long-held traditions spotlight what an awesome thing it is to be all one school – from 3K-12th Grade!

Opening Ceremonies and a few of the indoor events were held in the gym before moving the games outside.


There was a fierce battle between the Blue and the White Teams, with events being hard fought and won, but this year, the Blue team pulled through in the end and clinched the title! But more than who won or lost, having our students of all ages working, laughing, and playing together is the ultimate victory!


After the competition was over and the teams were celebrated, we moved to Country Fair – where carnival games, inflatables, and delicious foods were enjoyed by all!


We are grateful to our teachers, our Brookstone Parent Association, and our amazing students, who all came together to make Blue and White Day and Country Fair one to remember! These two events are just another example of the countless things that make Brookstone the amazing school it is.

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