An Email from a Happy Parent…

There is nothing better than having a parent share how much their children love Brookstone! It just makes a heart happy to hear! So with her permission, I am sharing the email below from one of our current parents. Enjoy!

As my daughter was skipping around the island tonight saying “I love Brookstone” while she prepared for school on Monday, I realized I have not written to you yet. I wish I wrote down all of my impressions last week when I was at the school in meetings for Lower, Middle, and Upper school with a new student and two returning students. 

Our introduction to the Lower School just blew me away, and it was just the simplest thing. All of the teachers and Leigh Anne saying over and over: “You have my cell phone and my email. Call me. Call me any time and we’ll work through whatever is going on.” That brings me such comfort. Oh…and the patience towards me since I royally messed up carpool the first day. 

I also have to share my Middle School experience. We were setting up my son’s locker and Dr. Maguire walked up to him and said something to the effect of, “Attitude check!” Sam stood to attention and responded, “Kindness and respect!” and they fist-bumped. It was more than just words, there was a relationship, and I KNOW it meant something to my son. 

Then there is my 9th grader. He truly is the happiest person on the planet right now. I think he has found his place, but when struggles come his way during these next four years, the number of people watching and guiding these students is amazing. 

I can’t leave out Bonnie Smith. She has been so helpful. I am beyond grateful for her encouragement and guidance. 

I know every day will not be perfect, and there may be hard conversations in the future, but I am just so thankful for all the people pouring into my kids and to me. Parenting is no joke!! There truly is just an overall theme of kindness and support! I also thank you (and your team) for not once but twice helping us at the last minute get situated at Brookstone.  


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