Breakfast Under the Lights and Cub Football 2019

It’s fall and that means football! And two of my favorite traditions here at Brookstone – Breakfast Under the Lights and Cub Football are all about just that – football! But what makes these two events so special, is that it highlights one of the most special things about Brookstone School and that is the ability of our Upper School students to interact with our Lower School students in such a fun and meaningful way!

People matter here at Brookstone. And the opportunity for older students to work with and mentor younger students is such a unique thing we are able to do being 3K-12th grade school! It is simply a natural part of who we are! And the best thing is these relationships mean every bit as much to the big kids as they do to the little ones! It’s a blessing both ways!

Breakfast Under the Lights celebrates it’s 4th year this year! And not only is it an event for the kids, it’s an event for the moms! Dad’s have their Daddy/Daughter dances, but this night is for the moms and their boys! After a yummy “breakfast for dinner” in the cafeteria, the boys head outside to do drills and work on skills!

Our Cub Football League has been going on for more than a decade and our varsity football players serve as coaches for their teams of 2nd-5th graders! They play on Sunday afternoons over the course of three or four weeks and practice once a week. It may be flag football and not tackle, but these boys have competition flowing through their veins! It’s always a fierce battle for victory!

Enjoy these pictures! I just adore these kiddos!


Photo credits to the amazingly talented, ever-present, unstoppable Deron Hicks. We could not capture images like we do without him and we are forever grateful for him!

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