A Student’s Perspective

By Hannah Grace Mayfield

The second I walked into Brookstone School, I realized that the school was special in a very good way. I want to share with you what school has been like from a first-year Cougar’s perspective.


I was new to Brookstone this year as a freshman. I came from another private school in the area. The second I stepped on campus, I was greeted by teachers and students alike. Everyone was genuinely nice to me. When I got to my first class, I knew that my year was going to be good. The information the teacher was giving us was interesting and new to me.

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Before coming to Brookstone, I was told that at every high school you were completely responsible for yourself. I have realized that indeed you are responsible for your grades at Brookstone, but that you can always rely on teachers to help you and to listen. I was skeptical about academics at any high school I attended, but again I was pleasantly surprised. The information is fascinating and difficult. In every class, I learn something new.


I was also nervous about making new friends and fitting in. The first week of school, all the freshmen went on a retreat to a cozy camp in Northern Alabama. The upperclassmen (Link Crew Leaders) who went with us cared about us and made sure we had someone to hang out with. I found a group of friends, which was not difficult because all the returning students were kind and welcoming.

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Brookstone makes an effort every day to make sure you are doing well academically and socially – whether it’s talking to your grade chair or advisor. You also feel safe here. I came to Brookstone from a school that was not in the safest part of a town, so I did not expect to have as much freedom as we have. But I am allowed to walk to classes by myself and I know that I will be fine as I do.

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The environment at Brookstone is what I was most surprised about. Everyone is friendly. If you pass someone you don’t know very well in the hallway, they will greet you like a friend.


Everyone cares about their grades. While picking out my classes, I was astounded by the number of paths that Brookstone offered students. I got a chance to take an AP class as a freshman. I couldn’t decide between art, graphic design, or computer science. The good thing about this is that I will get a chance to do each of these in my time here at Brookstone.


I was amazed by the number of clubs you could join as well. On one day every week, you get to meet with your club and enjoy spending time with people who like the same things as you. Being on a Prefect Committee is a little bit more of a time commitment than being in a club, but it’s just as fun.

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I also couldn’t believe the number of sports Brookstone offered. I am a member of the swim team which is like a huge family. As I talked to other people about their experiences with teams at Brookstone, they have said the same thing – that there is something for everyone and that their teams are so friendly.


Like I said, the second I walked into Brookstone School, I realized that the school was special. I hope you’ll be able to see it from your own perspective as a student next year.



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