We Take College Counseling Seriously

We take college counseling very seriously here at Brookstone. It’s not just for the top ten percent or the top twenty-five percent of our students – it’s for everyone.

From our college tour (click here to read more) to the college reps on campus (38 who have visited campus thus far this year!), we do everything we can to help them get to the school of their choice.

Speaking of their school of choice, we just have to take a moment to brag on our seniors. 63% of those who applied to the University of Georgia this fall were offered Early Acceptance and 77% of those who applied to Georgia Tech were offered Early Acceptance. Those are some stats to be proud of! And we are SO PROUD!!! Way to go!

But back to college counseling – it’s not just for students either – it’s for parents, too, which is why Mr. Bob MacClellan and Mrs. Frances Berry host a variety of meetings for parents of all ages to ask questions and gather more information. We have two coming up next month! One for freshmen and sophomores and one for middle school parents.

In today’s competitive college admissions process, we are so very grateful to have two dedicated counselors working on our behalf. It makes all the difference in the world. It’s just another reason – “Why Brookstone.”


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