“Beloved Community”

As I scrolled through pictures on my phone this weekend, I smiled when I came across the memories of our visit to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta this past February. This trip was exciting in that we all headed out of town to visit a museum dedicated to a person who had made and continues to make an unforgettable mark on us as individuals, as a community, and as a larger society.

Dr. King believed in what he called the “Beloved Community.” He defined the beloved community in so many ways, focusing on family values, compassion and empathy, perseverance, and an everlasting commitment to positive change.

As a Brookstone community, we have our own version of this, a community that supports each other; one where teachers, parents, and administrators partner to do what is best for all students; one where no stone is left unturned when it comes to providing a well-rounded experience for our students. These last weeks have been challenging yet rewarding. Let’s continue to focus on the rewards of our beloved community.

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