Brookstone DLP Week Seven and Eight

There was no DLP Week Seven post but last week we celebrated our teachers, our seniors, and our sweet Brookstone community. And we reminded everyone to FINISH STRONG!

And that’s where we are! Week Eight is finishing us out for the 2019-2020 School Year. And who would have ever thought we would end this way!?

So here are a few highlights below:

Brookstone Heroes

Lest we ever forget why we are in a Distance Learning Plan to begin with, let us all pause to thank ALL of those who are working on the front lines of this battle, in all the different ways possible. We honor and thank our Brookstone family members who are doing their part to help however they can!



Upper School Biology

Our DLP has certainly brought some interesting interactions and experiences for us all, but top among them has to be virtual dissections. Mrs. Cynthia Lingo’s Honors Biology Class enjoyed a little crayfish dissection via zoom this week! Aren’t we grateful the smell of formaldehyde doesn’t travel over the internet!


Honoring Our Athletes

We’ve had a wonderful time celebrating our senior athletes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so we invite you to check out our social media posts honoring each one of them!

We have also been touched by the ways our coaches have gone to visit our athletes at their homes! It’s certainly not the way anyone wanted to end this year, but we are certainly proud of all of our Cougar athletes!

Speaking of which, a special shout out to two of our football players who were recently honored! You can read more by clicking here!

Graduation Festivities Begin

Graduation, the culmination of a lifetime of work, is usually marked by ceremonies, traditions, and special times together as friends. This year looks markedly different. However, we are nonetheless doing all we can to celebrate our seniors! The Senior Awards presentation was held via zoom and the delivery of diplomas is planned for this weekend! It might look different, but the setiment is the same. We are so incredibly proud of our seniors and all of they have accomplished. They have undoubtedly left their mark on us as a Brookstone community and we are so grateful! They will be missed!

More senior fesitivites to come soon!

Until then, enjoy this sweet video message from some of our faculty members to our seniors! It’s always bitter sweet to say goodbye! We love you Class of 2020!




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