Finishing Strong!

A message from Leigh Anne Floyd, our Lower School Principal.

We began this unusual distance learning journey together over six weeks ago. None of us knew what to expect during this unprecedented event, and all of us – the teachers, parents, and students – were apprehensive. Even with these unsettled feelings, we started strong! We all started strong and determined to make this new set of circumstances work – and we did. You did. Your children did. And we did it well. Even though every single one of us has had a moment (or two or twenty) where we thought it was overwhelming or too hard, in true Brookstone form we didn’t quit. We rose to the occasion, and we are better because of it. As the end draws near, we are going to take a deep breath, sharpen our pencils, charge our devices, and finish this journey just as strong as we started. We are not going to give up this close to the end. We are going to carry each other over that finish line and finish strong. We are going to look back on this and know we did it together because that is exactly what our Brookstone family does.


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