Virtual Host Families 2020-2021

One of the many reasons the Brookstone community is so special is because of our amazing families. And those families stand ready to welcome all the NEW families to Brookstone each year!

So if you are one of those new families, allow me to introduce our Virtual Host Families for the 2020-2021 school year! Unique times call for unique ways to connect and this is a new way for us to do so this year!

Look over the names and info below and feel free to reach out to any of these families should you have any questions at all! They might not be able to answer all of them, but they will certainly try or will point you in the right direction!

Lower School

  • Name: Jennings Chester
  • Children: Daughter In Pre-K
  • Interests: Tennis and Karate
  • About Me: Born and raised in Columbus, GA, I graduated from Brookstone after 13 years here! I’m also a Brookstone alumni representative.
  • Email Address:
  • Name: Payal and Kaizad Shroff
  • Grades of Children: Kyle – 3rd Grade, Ryan – 2nd Grade, Sophia – Pre-K
  • Interests: Kyle enjoys spending time listening to music, building legos. At school, he looks forward to spending time at the Science lab. Ryan enjoys playing basketball, Tennis, and Golf. Playing on the playground at recess with his friends is the highlight of his day. Sophia enjoys pretend play and I am glad she gets ample opportunity at school to do the same with her friends. Mama D’s art class and Mrs. Flowers’ music class always bring a smile to her face.
  • About Us: Kaizad and I moved to Columbus twelve years ago and since then it has been our home. I am a dentist and have a solo dental practice in Westpoint, GA. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with kids – playing board games, watching movies, cooking, and playing outdoor games. Whenever I get a chance I volunteer at school at the class level.
  • Email Address:

Lower and Intermediate School

  • Name: Christy Hubbard
  • Grades of Children: 2nd and 5th – both boys
  • Interests: Piano, Art, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Football, and Skiing
  • About Me: My husband and I love being a part of the Brookstone community. We are going on our 3rd year and are very pleased. We both moved to Columbus, GA in 2008, and live in the Midtown area. I currently volunteer with Young Lives. I also work part-time with families going through life transitions.
  • Email Address:
  • Name: Katie Krieg
  • Grades of Children: George in 5th grade and Witt in 2nd grade
  • Interests: George and Witt are both into tennis. George also likes hunting, fishing, and kayaking. Witt is into legos and anything building or creative.
  • About Me: I am a licensed social worker and currently run a mentoring program for teen moms through Young Life. I am also on Brookstone’s Board of Trustees.
  • Email Address:

Lower, Intermediate, and Middle School

  • Name: Ashley Turner
  • Grades of Children: 2nd-grade daughter, 5th Grade son, and 7th Grade daughter
  • Interests: Cougar Chorus, Piano, Cub Cheer & Football, IS Math Team, MS softball
  • About Us: We are Brookstone graduates and have been Brookstone parents for 8 years.  I volunteer in the Concession Stands and with various BPA and school events like the Sweetheart Dance and Blue & White Day.
  • Email Address: 

Intermediate and Middle School

  • Name: Tanisha Colbert
  • Grades of Children: 4th son and 7th-grade daughter
  • Interests: Junior Prefect (daughter – student government), Drama, Music, Ballet, Basketball & Soccer
  • About Me: This is our 2nd year at Brookstone. I enjoy serving on the MS Parent Panel and being a part of Brookstone Moms In Prayer. You can also find me on campus, as the LS Administrative Assistant or at any Brookstone athletic function as the MS Assistant Cheer Coach…I’ll be the loud one yelling LET’S GO COUGARS!
  • Email Address:
  • Name: Catherine Gregory
  • Grades of Children: 5th and 7th-grade boys
  • Interests: Boys are interested in robotics, tennis, soccer, reading club
  • About Me: I moved here in August 2019 from Birmingham, AL, and have been at Brookstone for one year. I don’t know all of the ins and outs yet myself, but I do know about the little questions you have as a newcomer to the school and the Columbus community and would love to help.
  • Email Address:
  • Name: Dori Jones
  • Grades of Children: Daughter in 8th and son in 5th grade
  • Interests: Golf, soccer, basketball, football, piano, and tennis
  • About Me: We live in the Midtown area and have been at Brookstone School for nine years. Brookstone is an amazing place and I have been a volunteer in many different areas of the school from classroom parent to co-chairing one of the school fundraisers. I enjoy exercise, reading, travel, and cooking.
  • Email Address:

Lower and Middle School

  • Names: Liz and Mike Irvin
  • Grades of Children: Julie (6th), Virginia (Kindergarten)
  • Areas of Interest: Cub Tennis, Tennis, Cheer, Daddy Daughter Dance, Lower School Room Mom, Intermediate School volunteer, Book Fair volunteer, Learning Center student
  • About Us: We moved to Columbus from Dunwoody, Georgia when our oldest began Kindergarten. We switched to Brookstone when Julie started 3rd grade. This move has been positive in every way. The support we receive from teachers and staff is second to none. It’s wonderful to know your children want to go to school every day!
  • Email address:

Middle School

  • Name: Michelle Caves
  • Grades of Children: 6th grade and 8th-grade boys
  • Interests: Football, basketball, baseball, golf, world history
  • About Me: I have done various volunteer duties through the years: Room Mom, Breakfast Under The Lights, etc. I am also co-chairing the culinary portion of the Market on the Quad for Spring 2021.
  • Email Address:
  • Name: April and Bill Miller
  • Grades of Children: 7th-grade daughter and 8th-grade son
  • Interests: Daughter – Cheerleading and Soccer; Son – Football
  • About us: Our children have attended Brookstone for the past three years. They LOVE IT!! We love the community and friendliness of everyone at the school. I work full time but help as much as I can at different events at the school.
  • Email Address:

Intermediate, Middle, and Upper School

  • Name: Mary Lynn and Archie Grubb 
  • Grades of Children: 10th, 8th, and 4th grades
  • Interests: Basketball, golf, football, basketball, golf, soccer, school performances, art, and music
  • About Me: This is our third year as a Brookstone family. We have 3 children: one in Upper School, one in Middle School, and one going to the Intermediate School. I serve as the Middle School BPA representative. I work as a real estate agent, and I am involved with Young Life.
  • Email Address:

Middle and Upper School

  • Name: Cile and Jason Branch
  • Grades of Children: Marianna, 12th, Swift, 9th, and Broughton, 6th
  • Interests: Athletics mainly, but I love talking through teachers, course paths, and curriculum.
  • About Me: I am a Brookstone lifer who has learned more and more about Why Brookstone every year. I am deeply grateful for the moms just ahead of me in life that have helped guide and connect me through the school journey I would love to be able to help another mom in the same way that so many moms have helped me!
  • Email Address:
  • Name: Eileen and Pace Halter
  • Grades of Children: 12th, 9th, 6th grades (all boys)
  • Interests: Athletics (soccer, football, swimming, baseball, basketball, golf), Moms in Prayer, YoungLife/Wyldlife, BPA volunteer
  • About Us: Originally from Atlanta, we moved to Columbus and Brookstone in 2017. Pace works for W.C. Bradley Company and Eileen is a stay-at-home mom and occasional substitute teacher in the Lower School.
  • Email Address:
  • Name: Jennifer and Tim Shaw
  • Grades of Children: Katie – 10th grade, Zack – 7th Grade
  • Interests:  Cougar Nation Athletics (Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis), Middle School Musicals
  • About Us:  Moved to Columbus in 2010 as a retired Air Force Family and have been an active Brookstone Family ever since then. Each school division brings something special to our learning experience and it’s been a pleasure to watch our children grow here. Jennifer has served in a multitude of positions in the Brookstone Parents Association and enjoys the title of Past-President. Both Tim and Jennifer enjoy serving in the classroom or on the sports field of choice for the kids. In our free time, we love to travel, play tennis and golf, and attend concerts.
  • Email Addresses: or
  • Name: Mitchi and Travis Wade
  • Children: Two daughters in 11th & 7th grade
  • Interests: Fine Arts – musicals and piano, Tennis, Spirit Cheerleading, Cross Country, AP/Honors Courses, Ballet
  • About us: Travis and I were both born and raised in Columbus. Travis was a Brookstone ‘Lifer” and continues his involvement serving on the Board of Trustees. Mitchi is involved in the Brookstone Parents Association and the Brookstone Arts Alliance. Travis works at Synovus as an Investment Advisor and Mitchi works in Event Management at Outdoor Events. Our girls have both been at Brookstone since Pre-K.
  • Email Address:

Upper School

  • Names: Olivia and Billy Blanchard
  • Children: Russell, Class of 2018, Betsy, Class of 2020, and Walter, 10th Grade
  • Interests: Athletics (football, tennis, baseball, soccer), Student Government, Service
  • About Me: I graduated from Brookstone and have been active in the Brookstone Parents Association. I would love to help answer any questions you might have about Brookstone. We are a community that cares for one another and wants all new students to feel welcomed into the family! Billy is also the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Brookstone School.
  • Email:
  • Name: Sara Dismuke
  • Children: Sam, Class of 2017, Sally, Class of 2019, Madden, 9th Grade
  • Interests: Sports (baseball, basketball, golf) Student Government, Servant Leadership
  • About Me:  I am a Brookstone alum and have been a Brookstone parent since 2003.  All three of my children are “lifers.”  I am involved with the Brookstone Parents Association through volunteering in the concessions, volunteering to support the musicals, working in the uniform shop, and most recently serving in leadership with the BPA. I also enjoy playing tennis and volunteer with CORTA ( Columbus Regional Tennis Association) also.
  • Email Address:
  • Name: Sendreka Bledsoe Lakes and Raymond Lakes
  • Grade of Child: 10th-grade daughter
  • Interests: Competitive Cheer, Spirit Cheer, Fine Arts, Classical Ballet, Track and Field, Servant Leadership
  • About Us: My husband and I are both Columbus natives. Together we have a senior at Auburn University, a 10th grader, and a preschooler. I work in economic development as an education and workforce subject matter expert and my husband is an attorney. This is our second year being a part of the Brookstone family and we absolutely love it!
  • Email Address:
  • Name: Karan and Kevin Harrison
  • Grades of Children: Daughter-Junior in College, Daughter-12th grade at Brookstone, and twins in 9th grade at Brookstone.
  • Interests: Softball, cheer, E-sports, fishing, Moms-in-Prayer.
  • About Us: Our family has been at Brookstone for 4 years. We have met some incredible families through our involvement in sports and the BPA.
  • Email Address: Karan:; Kevin:
  • Name: Melissa and Frank Malloy
  • Grades of Children: 9th-grade son at Brookstone, 12th-grade daughter at different school, & daughter in dental school
  • Interests: Football, Gaming, History
  • About Me: This our second year at Brookstone. We live in Fortson, Georgia, and came from another private school in town and have found a wonderful home in the Brookstone Community. Getting involved on campus and with the BPA is the best way to meet people and feel part of the Brookstone family. I am part of the Moms in Prayer at Brookstone, serve on local boards in our community, a working mom, and love to travel.  Our son is challenged in his studies and is making life-long friends at Brookstone. We love it here! Go Cougars!
  • Email Address:

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