Intermediate School Genius Hour

From Intermediate School Principal, Javonne Stewart

We need to move beyond the idea that an education is something that is provided for us and toward the idea that an education is something that we create for ourselves. – Stephen Downes  

Every year, I set short and long term goals for myself as an individual and as a professional. One of my goals is to make sure that every student that crosses my path knows their worth, knows that they belong, and has established the beginnings of something they are passionate about. For me, this comes in the form of tinkering, experiencing, building, and doing. This is why Genius Hour has become one of the highlights of this year for me. I love to see and hear the creativity and innovation that comes out of that hour. I am pleasantly pleased and surprised at the many creations, paintings, and stories that students share with me. I proudly share their work in Morning Meeting and am ecstatic when my desk is filled with projects to be showcased. You see, the best learning is not always in a traditional classroom with a structured lesson plan. The best learning is sometimes created from their own minds and not ours. We are #GrowingGreatness, and I won’t accept anything less!

Why Brookstone? This is why.

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