Our Preschool Library is Now Open!

Our Preschool library is up and running! The children have enjoyed this new location for story time with Mrs. Trotter, our Lower School Librarian, and selecting their first books to take back to their classrooms. The library is arranged like a classroom library with bins of books gathered in topical or thematic groups. Books are displayed in the bins with the front covers facing forward which supports young children in making choices. Many thanks to Mrs. Mobley for working to organize and label all of the books and for committing to maintaining the collection by returning books to the appropriate bins each week! We also greatly appreciate the funding committed by our wonderful BPA to start the collection!

In addition to library time with Mrs. Trotter, our Preschoolers have dedicated art, Spanish, music, and STEM teachers pouring into them each week. That’s on top of their two classroom teachers. Why Brookstone? Because our Preschool is not a stand alone program. It is an integral part of the school as a whole and even our youngest students have endless opportunities in store for them.

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