Brookstone Receives Sportsmanship Award

Congratulations to the Brookstone Athletic Department who was chosen by the members of our region to receive the Sportsmanship Award for the 2020-2021 school year. The criteria for this award includes host school hospitality, coaches sideline demeanor, athlete demeanor during competition, and game and campus experience.   

Jimmy Messer, our Athletic Director, thanked all who played a part in making it happen in an email sent to the school. He wrote, “Thank you to everyone who played a role in helping our school receive this recognition.  I appreciate the way our families, coaches, players and staff represent Brookstone and for the extra effort everyone gives to create a great game day atmosphere for each event.  Thanks again and Go Cougars!”

Congratulations to Brookstone Athletics! This honor goes to you all – coaches, students, faculty, and parents alike!

Go Cougars!

*Special thanks to Deron Hicks and Margaret Ward for their amazing photography. Thank you for the countless hours you spend photographer our athletes and your dedication to our school! We are so grateful

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