Heartfelt Fan Support! #brookstonebaseball

There was a special delivery made to one dedicated Brookstone Baseball Fan this past week in the Intermediate School. Read more below from Mrs. Javonne Stewart.

“I live for special and heartfelt moments. That ‘Aha!’ moment when a student finally gets it; the moment when a former student goes out of their way to stop by and say hello; or the moment when two siblings see each other on the playground and run in for a big hug. These are the types of moments that fill your heart and let you know that school is not just about academics but also about family and community. We had such a moment this week as members of the Brookstone baseball team presented one of our students with a game ball and a baseball hat. During a time when we have had to separate as a community, it is wonderful to know that a sense of community still exists and that we can still #BeTheOneWhoMakesConnections.”

As Intermediate School teacher Mia Rice said, “What a wonderful surprise! When a die hard baseball player who can hardly wait to play for Brookstone wanted to keep the fly ball he got while watching the playoff game, the baseball team signs it with a game hat and delivers it to him during class!” What a heart felt moment for everyone! #rolemodels #brookstonebaseball #WhyBrookstone!

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