Lower School Week of Service

We just completed our Lower School Week of Service for the fall and it was so incredibly impactful on all those involved. We were so grateful for the many, many donations sent in by our parentsthat were sent in that allowed us to give back to local organizations in an incredible way. Please enjoy this video from our Week of Service celebration where each grade level in the Preschool and Lower School reflected on the week and what it meant to them.

For a recap of where we served, see below:

Being The Sunshine For Animals At PAWS Humane: Our 3K students will learn about the responsibility of caring for animals, especially the most vulnerable, through a partnership with PAWS Humane. They will decorate “Adopt Me” bandannas for the animals at PAWS and are invited to bring in items of need for PAWS that are listed below. Students will also enjoy a visit from a representative of PAWS Humane and one of her furry friends. Our boys and girls will learn all about pet care with the “How to Speak Doggie” program from PAWS Humane as well as enjoy several wonderful children’s books about the responsibilities that come along with caring for animals.

Being The Sunshine For Wounded Soldiers: Students will prepare treat bags for soldiers in the Soldier Recovery Unit at Fort Benning. The children will bring in suggested items for the treat bags and learn about the duties of a soldier from several Brookstone PreK parents. We will also have visiting author and former Brookstone alumnae, Andrea Blair, who will read aloud her book, Goodnight Soldier.

Being The Sunshine For Residents at Brookside Glen: Kindergarten students are asked to bring in suggested items and will prepare treat bags to share with the residents of Brookside Glen. Students will take a walking field trip to our neighbors at Brookside Glen to deliver the treat bags and spread some sunshine by singing several songs.

Being The Sunshine For Open Door Community House: Students will learn about the Showering Program at Open Door and how they help individuals experiencing homelessness. The students will prepare hygiene kits filled with toiletries and snack foods to be shared with the Open Door Showering Program. Our first graders will take a field trip to Open Door to deliver the hygiene kits and take a tour of the showering program.

Being The Sunshine For Easter Seals of West Georgia: Students will learn about the service Easter Seals provides to the community.  Students are asked to bring in suggested items to support the outdoor gardening program for students at Easter Seals. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, second graders will not be able to interact with the boys and girls at Easter Seals; however, we will still take a field trip to the facility to deliver the gardening supplies and do some fall planting in their flower beds.

Being The Sunshine For The Ronald McDonald House: Students will learn about the services that Ronald McDonald House provides to our community and will prepare treat bags for guests staying at Ronald McDonald House. Third graders will take a field trip to our local Ronald McDonald house to deliver the treat bags and have an opportunity to meet with the director to ask any questions they may have. The third grade will also lead the Pull Tab campaign for the school to support the Ronald McDonald House. Begin saving those pop tops on your soda cans, sparkling water cans, and other beverages!

Service is truly a way of life here at Brookstone. As parents and teachers, we try to impress upon our children the importance of sharing with those around us, showing generosity, and having compassion for others. These are important traits to have, but they can be difficult to teach. We believe the best way to teach them is by modeling that behavior ourselves. That’s why we offer after-school service projects year-round in all divisions, along with suggested activities and service days for families who want to encourage and foster a lifestyle of servant leadership.

It’s part of who we are, part of our mission and our make up! And it’s just another reason, “Why Brookstone?”

Go Be the Sunshine for someone today!

*Original artwork created specifically for Brookstone by Evelyn Henson, Class of 2009.

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