Forest Fridays

We are so excited to announce the start of Forest Fridays here at Brookstone this fall!

What is Forest Friday?

Forest Friday is a weekly class for kindergarten through third grade. The class is about connecting with nature, outdoor learning, and instilling adventure and exploration in our students. Research shows that students get minimal outdoor time and are spending more time indoors in front of screens and various other technologies. Yet other research shows that more time outdoors has a positive impact on our students’ behavior, mental health, and academics. 

On Forest Fridays for one class period each, our kindergarten through third grade explorers will take advantage of our amazing outdoor campus, including the Sam Pate Cabin, the Chapel, Courtney’s Pond, and the school garden. Our focus is to entertain our students’ curiosity by using themed curricula, instilling an adventurous spirit, and welcoming any questions and research for things we find in nature.

Our sincere hope is that students develop a respect for nature and learn the leave no trace approach, where we are asked to marvel at nature and leave it as we found it. Get ready to watch your child’s senses come alive as we spend our Fridays giving them the great gift of the outdoors!

Enjoy this adorable video put together by our very own art teacher extraordinaire, Deana Graham aka, “Mama D!”

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