3K Doctor Day and A Vocab Parade!

There was lots of activity here on campus today! We had 3K Doctor Day and a Vocab Parade!

First up, 3K Doctor Day – where all of your ailments could be tended to. Need a Band-aid? A quick MRI? Or perhaps you just need a good blood pressure check to get you through your day! No need to look further than our 3K classrooms where lots of future doctors were hard at work!

After you had received all necessary treatment, it was time to head to the most spectacular, colorful, creative, enthusiastic, jubilant display of vocabulary words you’ve ever seen!

All in all, it was quite a day! It was enough to make you exhilarated, exuberated, and exhausted all at the same time!

To all of our littlest Cougars – thank you for the marvelous medical care and the cheerful celebratory parade today!

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