Mack Strong Stadium Dedication

It was such an incredibly special day in Brookstone’s history as we dedicated the Mack Strong Stadium on September 16, 2022. It was even more special because Mack Strong was here in person on campus. He spent the day talking with students, leading the Pep Rally, holding a press conference, and visiting with the football team.

You can watch some of the press conference by clicking here!

As Jason Branch, former teammate and current Brookstone parent said at the half time dedication ceremony, “For all that Mack has accomplished on this field, and his accomplishments were many, for all the accomplishments at the University of Georgia and all that he accomplished in Seattle over a very successful 15 year career with the Seahawks, out of all of those accomplishments, Mack has accomplished as much if not more off the field – as a servant leader and as a man of character, honor, and integrity.  Mack personifies the core values Brookstone is committed to building in all of its students and student athletes and they purposely and fittingly outline the walkway outside the entrance of Mack Strong stadium. They are Loyalty, Wisdom, Courage, Honor, Service, Respect and Leadership. That is Mack Strong.”

Thank you, Mack, for the example you have set and for the role model you are. We are so grateful to have this beautiful new stadium named after you! May it inspire many future generations of Brookstone students to follow in your footsteps and to “Be The One!”

Go Cougars!

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