Middle School STEM Class Designs Projects with a PAWS Purpose



From the Ledger-Enquirer yesterday highlighting the project from Becky Kenimer’s 7th grade STEM class (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)! They built and designed houses and play-spaces for the cats at PAWS Humane.

New houses bring purrs and meows from furry residents

Oct 02, 2016

Brookstone teacher Becky Kenimer and her seventh grade STEM class delivered five “cat houses” to PAWS Humane Friday morning. The Students, working in teams of two, began by researching the types of structures cats enjoy. Next, they designed the houses, sketched pictures based on their plans, decided the best materials needed to build their projects, and searched Brookstone’s campus for cardboard and other recyclable material before building the houses.

They also got to share their designs with the 3K students who thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the middle school!

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