Applied Leadership and the House of Heroes


Our Applied Leadership class recently went and served with House of Heroes. This class, one of the many electives offered for juniors and seniors, is also made up of students who have participated in the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy program this year. The seven Leader Labs provided by Chick-fil-A were incorporated into the class curriculum which focuses on self-awareness, decision making, communication, and leadership styles.

Over the course of the semester, the students brain-stormed ideas and considered community needs when deciding on their Impact Project.  In considering prospective projects, the students knew they wanted to have a hands on experience that allowed them to make an impact on a individual or family.  They were specifically interested in the veterans population.  House of Heroes was selected, and the students prepared information about the organization’s purpose and influence to be shared in a awareness assembly for the entire upper school.  The presentation was made May 9th, and on Friday, May 12th the students and teachers devoted the afternoon to making a difference at the home of Mrs. Ratha Walker, an 85 year old widow of a veteran.

This experience allowed the Applied Leadership students to understand that every action has an impact.  It helped fulfill the famous quote by Henry David Thoreau, “One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.”



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