Flat Bubba Visits the White House


Earlier this year, our first-grade classes hosted a special event to showcase the travels of Flat Bubba – based on the Flat Stanley book series.  And Flat Bubba has been all over the world! They were eager to share in his adventures!

But now, we have big news to share! Flat Bubba, who has literally been all over the world this year, has recently returned from his most prestigious trip yet – to the White House!

Yes, you read that right, Flat Bubba has just returned from the White House with a personal letter from President Trump.


Congratulations to these first-grade students and their amazing teachers, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Jordan, and Mrs. Woolfolk, for paving the way for Flat Bubba to have such a grand adventure! We are proud of their initiative and enthusiasm as they have mapped his journey and learned about different cultures and communities along the way. These are life-lessons they will never forget!

Congratulations, Cougars!

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