Parent University – Public and Permanent

One of the MANY reasons I love Brookstone School is because of the true commitment the school has to our kids’ well-being. The same can be said for us as parents. That’s why I am so grateful for our Brookstone Parents Association and our faculty who work together to bring speakers to campus whose knowledge and expertise will benefit us all.

They are called Parent Universities. And this school year alone (as in since August!!), we’ve had Dr. Scott Hamilton, an expert in the field of learning differences and executive functioning, address our parents and faculty, and now this past Friday, author and social media expert, Richard Guerry, spoke to parents, students, and faculty about the proper way to navigate this new world. And frankly, his presentation was terrifying.



But it was also empowering. And hopeful. And insightful. And even though I left the workshop slightly shaken at what is out there facing our families these days, I also left armed with knowledge and information that I needed to know. Even if all I really wanted to do was grab my kids and go live in the woods forever.

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So a HUGE shoutout goes to Jacob Crowder and Alexis Restivo, our Upper and Middle School Counselors, as well as our BPA for organizing this event. I am so grateful for your leadership and commitment to our Brookstone students AND their families. It is just another reason #whyBrookstone.

For more information about Richard Guerry’s Public and Permanent presentation, click here.  It will absolutely be worth your time.

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