Roaring Branch Campus

Our Roaring Branch Campus is one of the most beautiful areas of our campus, yet most people never even get to see it! So I was quite grateful when Sara Varner, with Servant Leadership, sent me these beautiful images! Perhaps even you are seeing this place for the first time.

Nestled in the wooded area behind our football and baseball fields, is a hidden gem known as our Roaring Branch Campus. It’s made up of a gently flowing creek, a mile-long cross country trail, an outdoor amphitheater, a Chapel, and Mr. Sam Pate’s Cabin. It is a wooded wonderland!

Though the buildings are locked when they are not in use, this part of campus is always open! Feel free to take a stroll through the woods and see for yourself what a beautiful place this is. It is truly a gift to have such spectacular outdoor spaces right here in our backyard.










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