Brookstone DLP Week One!

Every year around the New Year, I pray and ponder over choosing one word to focus on for the rest of the year – kind of like a theme for the year. My word for 2020 was “new.” There was going to be a lot of “new” for me in 2020 – a wedding for my oldest son, and along with that a new daughter-in-law, a new phase of life for them and for our family.  So at the time, I thought that word was appropriate. I would focus on all the “new” and exciting things that were going to come my way this year!

Well, fast forward three months into 2020 and I can’t quite comprehend all the NEW that is taking place all around me. The entire world is “new!” Everything is different. Even this virus has the word “novel” in front of it  – meaning NEW! And not a single one of the things we are adjusting to now would have ever even entered my imagination! It would have been wholly unfathomable to even dream of all of the changes that have taken place over the past few weeks.

But there are still so many things to be thankful for! In the face of unprecedented social distancing and isolation, technology has given us so many wonderful ways to stay connected – our phones, emails, Facetime calls and Zoom conferences just to name a few! What a gift these tools are to us as we all stay away from each other and yet stay connected! In fact, we had an admin team meeting just this morning! Complete with toddlers and dogs! 🙂


And can we just say one big THANK YOU to our teachers? Can we just give them an enormous round of applause? They are THE BEST. They are working tirelessly to make sure your children not only stay on track but stay engaged. It just makes me smile seeing all of the different ways teachers continue to impact the lives of our kids even if they are not physically together every day. So thank you, teachers! Each and every one of you!

Marty Lester, our Head of School, shared with the faculty recently some wisdom from his grandfather and I think it sums up perfectly the situation we find ourselves in. He said, “Hard times are nothing more than an opportunity to show how good you are.”

And boy – is there a lot of good! Look at all of these precious faces working hard and adjusting to the new demands of learning from a distance!

Let me say it again, our teachers are the best. The work they have poured into making sure our kids are learning and growing and thriving is the definition of dedication. Though the learning curve for everyone has been a bit steep, the resilience we are seeing in our children should not surprise us one bit. After all, that’s what we’ve been teaching them.

Our kids are not limited to just the basic subjects, either. They are still enjoying PE, Spanish, art, and music – every day! All from a distance! In fact, one of our incredibly talented art teachers, Deana Graham, shared this wonderful idea of how to stay connected while staying apart – decorate your windows with hearts!

She wrote, “With kids home for the foreseeable future and the need for extreme social distancing, parents, and kids may be taking more walks through the neighborhood for fresh air but with no option to stop and visit. To keep these walks from getting too routine and boring, please put a heart in one of your windows so the kids can have a scavenger hunt looking for and counting the hearts in their neighbors’ windows. When they see the hearts, parents can tell them it is our way of saying “hello” when we can’t see them in person. Let’s start making those hearts and spreading the love!!”

And our students took to the challenge in no time flat!

Last but not least, in the spirit of still celebrating what never got to happen, hats off to the amazing cast of our Upper School spring musical – Footloose – which was supposed to open this weekend. These kids worked so hard and they have so much talent. We are grateful for the few pictures we have celebrating their enthusiasm and dedication to the arts! Here’s to hoping we might yet see the show!


That’s a wrap for Brookstone DLP Week One! You guys are amazing – our entire Brookstone family is simply amazing! Keep doing what you do! Keep learning, laughing, loving others, and spreading light and joy.

Happy Weekend, Cougars!

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