Brookstone Parents say “Thank you!”


We know the past few weeks have been extraordinary in every way – from what is happening in the world around us to the adaptations we are all having to make. Our teachers have truly gone above and beyond in taking what they do in their classrooms every day and moving it online. They have not been satisfied with simply providing work to be completed, but they have been dedicated to providing our students with experiences that make them feel like they are right back in their classrooms!

But of course, all of the work only matters if it is effective. And from what our parents are telling us – it is.

Please see the below sampling of feedback from our parents. It warms our hearts to hear. We’re all in this together and we will get through it!

Just want to say THANK YOU. Please please pass along to anyone on the Brookstone staff that may need a little nudge of “hey you’re doing great”… bc EVERYONE is seriously going above and beyond!!! I have been MORE than prepared with all I need. The instructional videos, detailed lesson plans, adorable incentives/motivators and encouraging words for kids AND parents… I mean WOW. We are certainly blessed. Who knew we would ever be here…But, more importantly, who knew how beautifully you guys would have been able to handle this. I admire you, I thank you, I love you. My children love and miss you!!!

Our world is so crazy right now, but our school’s hard work from faculty and staff is making this precious time so enjoyable for us. Thank you for everything!

Just wanted to let you how thankful we are to be a Brookstone cougar! This DLP has been great so far! Love all the videos and learning programs! The teachers have all been so well organized and helpful! Thank you for all your hard work to help keep our kiddos on track!

Shout out to Brookstone School for juggling the short notice of the distance learning plan! What very well executed plans laid out for us! I’m confident my children will be good to go when all this craziness is over. Thank you to our teachers and staff for all the support!

My daughter says “Thank you, and I miss you so so so much!”

I would personally like to thank you for your lesson. She was so happy. She keeps replaying it. She loves art.

Oh, thank you! Yes, we will all navigate this together! As a mama who is still having to work every day, I am SO appreciative of all of the hard work you guys are doing remotely to keep these babies entertained!

Thank you for being a positive influence on our son’s life. He loves to read, and we contribute that largely to the wonderful education he’s receiving from loving teachers both in the classroom and through enrichment like this.

Thank you so much! I am very impressed with the lower school DLP.  My daughter has really enjoyed her week. Keep up the great work! Keeping them busy and entertained is so important.   I love the nightly plan that comes each night. She thrives off of a schedule and I greatly appreciate all the planning.  

The teachers are unbelievable! I can only rave about them – I don’t know how they are holding up so well – they are all giving it their all, and we are forever grateful.  They’re soo accessible (my daughter perked up sooo much when we FaceTimed with her teacher on Thursday morning). I set up a zoom for her class every day at 5pm (her teacher told me about zoom) so they can see their friends – it’s absolutely adorable! They are all talking at the same time, laughing hysterically, and running to show one another their latest projects.

We just want to thank you all for everything you’ve done and continue to do for our child and all the children. We know a lot of hard work went into getting our school ready for distant learning. We know it’s not as easy as it sounds and we are grateful. Thank you for being available and patient. We will do the same!

My daughter’s smile was so big this morning when she launched the morning meeting!  Thank you all for working so hard to bring some normalcy to our kids’ days. I appreciate you all.

Everything has gone SO well – impressed with the program you have planned! We are loving it.

My daughter LOVED watching her teacher’s morning meeting today! She got so excited when she heard that she was the leader. It was hysterical watching her talk to the computer as if she was really in her classroom.

My kids are in heaven and taking SO much ownership!!! I have zero complaints and you know I’ll come to you if things get hard, I believe in being truthful. I’m loving this – being with them is awesome and them taking responsibility for it themselves is HUGE.

My girl is working non stop!! She said to tell you all hello!!!

I must say that Marty Lester has done an exceptional job leading us through this unsettling and scary time. The faculty must have worked around the clock to get the online classes together. How quickly everyone was able to respond and work together is TRULY inspiring, and I am so grateful to them all!!! I know this is a learning experience for everyone, with some bumps in the road, but I have all respect, and patience in the journey.

Enjoying home school!! Thank you so much for your team of amazing teachers. My son is having fun. You have no idea how much we appreciate each one of you. Thanks for making it so easy.

I know you are flooded with emails to read so I’ll keep this brief, but just know that I could write a 20-page essay on how thankful I am for you and your staff. The communication is uplifting, the workload is great and your positivity helps so much. I am actually sad that it’s the weekend. 🙂 And I am AMAZED at how prepared the kids were for this – the fact that there hasn’t really been a huge technology learning curve is an unbelievable blessing. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You are all angels!

Thank you for sharing this feedback, parents! We appreciate and value your partnership during this time. We love and miss each one of you!




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