Upper School Ambassador Prefect Committee

Our Student Ambassadors are here to welcome you to Brookstone! If you would like to get in touch with them or ask them any specific questions about life here in the Upper School, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can email them at admissions@brookstoneschool.org.

Emma Gwan-Nulla, Ambassador Prefect

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Gwan-Nulla and I am a senior this year and serve as Brookstone’s Ambassador Prefect. I came to Brookstone when I was a sophomore. I chose Brookstone because I felt it would be a great place for me to thrive academically and emotionally. When I got to campus I had such a strong support system to push me in different realms.

I have been on the varsity swim team since 10th grade. I also am the vice president of our chemistry research team. I love to serve others so I make community service an integral part of my year. I also enjoy advocating for social justice through a platform I created called Mosaic. Throughout the summer I teach water aerobics classes and swim lessons to young children.

I would love to talk with you about Brookstone so feel free to email me with any questions you might have about life as a Brookstone student! You can email me at admissions@brookstoneschool.org.

Jackie Boyancheck, Deputy Ambassador Prefect

Hi! My name is Jackie Boyancheck. I am a junior this year and have been at Brookstone for seven years! I am the Deputy Prefect of the Ambassador Committee and a Link Crew leader. I am also an active member of Servant Leadership at Brookstone, having been a part of the Chik-fil-a Leadership Academy and a volunteer at the American Red Cross.  I am also involved with Brookstone’s Girls Who Code club! 

I am currently a member of the varsity golf team, but have also participated in cheerleading and cross country. I love the arts at Brookstone and have been very active in the theatre and choral arts programs. If there is ever any type of performance, play, or concert, you know I will be there!

I would love to talk further with you about what it’s like to be a Brookstone student, so please feel free to email me at admissions@brookstoneschool.org. 

Ambassador Prefect Committee

  • Name: Elizabeth Cowley
  • Grade: 9th Grade. I have been at Brookstone since Pre-K. 
  • Interests: Track/Field, Cross Country, Tennis, Violin, Piano, Servant Leadership, Hunting, Fishing, Academic Clubs, Prefect and Council Committees, and Falconry.
  • What is something you like about Brookstone: One thing that I like about Brookstone is the opportunities offered in every category and the ability to express my interests. 
  • Name: Hannah Grace Mayfield
  • Grade: 10th grade and I’ve been at Brookstone since my freshman year.
  • Interests: Writing, Photography, Swimming
  • What I love about Brookstone is the friendly environment. Everyone cares and makes everyone feel so welcome. The teachers are great at teaching and helping students understand when extra help is needed.
  • Name: Luke Snipes
  • Grade: 10th grade and I have been at Brookstone all my life.
  • Interests: Outside of school I’m into athletics, I play varsity football and soccer for Brookstone but in school, I love Science and Math. I also have a musical side to me and know how to play the Banjo and Piano, which gives me time to slow down and just have fun. I love socializing with my friends and doing stuff out of the ordinary and going hiking, kayaking, or rafting.
  • Something I love about Brookstone: To simply put it I love the teachers. The teachers are what set Brookstone apart for me. What sets the teachers apart is that they want you to do good and will do anything to ensure that you do. The teachers are always there to help you if you have any questions. You could come before school after school or even call the teacher and they would make time to help you with the subject. Also, the teachers love teaching which helps with keeping the whole class engaged. This helps all the students learn so much better. The most important way the teachers set Brookstone apart is their ability to not only be your teacher but a mentor and friend. Their ability to be a teacher one second and to be able to talk to them as a friend and get advice is I feel unmatched by many other schools.
  • Name: Ellie Tommey 
  • Grade: 11th grade and I have attended Brookstone for 13 years
  • Interests: Tennis, Spirit Cheerleading 
  • Something I love about Brookstone is all of the many extracurriculars you can choose from, there is something for everyone!! I also love the wide variety of classes you can choose from, whether you are interested in art or science, there will be some sort of elective to help you get that credit or just to fulfill your interest! 
  • Name: Elizabeth Pearce
  • Grade: I am in 9th grade and have been at Brookstone for two years.
  • Interests: I love to run, sing in the chorus, and play golf. In singing, I like going to the All-State Choral conference where I can meet and sing with new people from across the state. This year, I tried swimming and it is very fun. I enjoy playing the flute as well and I love spending time with friends and trying new things.
  • Something I love about Brookstone: I love the individual attention I get from teachers. I can get a lot more help in class because class sizes are smaller. I have a lot of opportunities at Brookstone, like going on international trips or taking classes that aren’t offered at other schools. My teachers are invested in my education and offer many opportunities for me. I look forward to learning in the classroom and experiencing hands-on engagement. I also love the feeling of community at Brookstone. Everyone is so loving and kind. 
  • Name: Kristina Clay
  • Grade: 11th Grade and I’ve been at Brookstone since 9th grade.
  • Interests: Golf, Piano, Agri-Colga, Service Projects, etc. 
  • What is something you love about being at Brookstone? I love the teachers/students and opportunities here.
  • Name: Drew Albright
  • Grade : 12th Grade; I’ve been at Brookstone for 7 years.
  • One of the best things about Brookstone is the teacher-student relationship. I know that every teacher has my best interest in mind and are always willing to provide help. Furthermore, I have always been appreciative of all my teachers’ efforts in genuinely trying to get to know me better and build a relationship with me.
  • Name: Frances Sessions
  • Grade: I’m currently a Junior and I came in 7th grade.
  • Interests: Tennis, tutoring, UGA football, shooting sporting clay, water sports, pickle-ball, equestrian sports
  • What is something you love about being at Brookstone? I love building relationships with my teachers who are always so willing to help me and want to watch me succeed. The school is also very service minded and provides lots of opportunities for me serve others and tutor younger students as well as my peers. 

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