Middle School Ambassador Prefect

Our Middle School Ambassador Prefect Committee members are here to welcome you to the Middle School! If you have any questions about what life is like in the Middle School, don’t hesitate to ask! You can send them an email at admissions@brookstoneschool.org.

Middle School Ambassador Prefect

  • Name: Reagan Henderson, Junior Ambassador Prefect
  • Grade: 8th Grade and I’ve been going to Brookstone since 3rd grade.
  • Interests: I love to play golf and basketball. I also enjoy playing the piano, singing, sewing.
  • One of my favorite things about Brookstone is how much of a family Brookstone is.
  • Name: Jimmy Hunter, Deputy Junior Ambassador Prefect
  • Grade: 7th Grade, I have been a Brookstone student for 9 years.
  • Interests: I like music, sports, and food.
  • Something I love about Brookstone: My favorite thing about Brookstone is our freedom. We do not have to put locks on lockers. We have a lot of breaks and we get to do a lot of fun stuff.
  • Name: Suzanna Bunn
  • Grade: 8th, I have been at Brookstone since Pre-K.
  • Interests: Equestrian and Cheer.
  • One thing I love about being at Brookstone is the nice and sweet people and the friendships!
  • Name: Lillie Hubbard 
  • Grade: 8th, This is my first year.
  • Interests: Cheer, Dance, Art
  • Something I love about Brookstone: I love how welcoming everyone is and how nice everyone is. I also like how you can go after school to get help. I love the beautiful campus and the many resources that the school has to offer. We have a wonderful art and theater program and amazing sports facilities. You also have many choices to chose from in terms of classes. My favorite thing though about Brookstone is how everyone is like a family and you know everyone it seems.
  • Name: Pepper Marks
  • Grade: 7th grade, This is my first year at Brookstone. 
  • Interests: I enjoy volleyball, baking, and spending time with friends.
  • I love the people at Brookstone! They are so welcoming and kind. I love the campus. It is so pretty and I love being able to go places by myself so quickly. 
  • Name: Helen Stahl
  • Grade: 6th grade, This is my first year at Brookstone.
  • Interests: Dogs, Interior design, God
  • Something I love about Brookstone: The Snack Cart, the campus, the people, the food.

Want to know more about life in Middle School? Watch the video below and then come visit! Contact the Admissions Department to schedule your tour today!

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