It’s Great to Be a Brookstone Cougar!

A recent social media post from one of our 5th grade teachers summed up perfectly the bond our students and teachers share here at Brookstone. She wrote:

“I was on the playground with my kiddos today when one of my ‘former’ kiddos walked up and gave me a hug! As our school continues to grow, it takes engineers and brains to plan and oversee! You are looking at the TOP DOG!!! I am so proud of you, Tim! This makes it all worthwhile. Precious child; dynamic young man!!! HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!!!!! ROLE MODEL!!!!!!”

Tim Kennedy, Class of 2013, is indeed one of the top dogs (and actually one of several alumni involved!) when it comes to the construction of our new athletic complex. We are so proud of him and thrilled to see him back on campus every day.

But the praise didn’t stop there! Other alumni and parents began to chime in, including this comment from one young alum:

Wouldn’t be the attorney I am today if not for that 8th grade debate class. Wonderful teachers yield wonderful people, Boof!

No truer words! Wonderful teachers yield wonderful people and we have a whole lot of wonderful around Brookstone. We love our teachers, we love our students, and we love our alumni, too! Go Cougars!!

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