Coping with COVID-19

We are so grateful for our counseling department and the many ways they serve our Brookstone family throughout the school year. We are especially grateful for the way they continue to engage our students and parents during this unique time. Please see the email below sent to families this week.

Brookstone Parents,

Balancing life has become a bit trickier than usual these days. Parents are especially feeling the strain of work, child care, and self-care. It can be incredibly difficult to know what to say to our children about dealing with stress and anxiety when we are feeling the burdens ourselves. Too often we are left feeling frustrated and a bit overwhelmed because the reality is that each day is new and uncharted for all of us. Earlier today, I attended a virtual conference filled with administrators, counselors, and educators all talking about what it means to deliver education in new ways and how we can best support our students emotionally during this time. Throughout our session filled with great ideas, one common mantra was continually echoed: “We are ALL in a global pandemic. No one is alone in this.” It’s so amazingly comforting to be reminded that we are not alone, and you’re not. None of us are. As a Brookstone community, we want to be a partner in your child’s success, and that means socially and emotionally as well. So let’s lean on each other!

The counseling department at Brookstone School is here to help you and your child address any social-emotional needs that they may be facing currently. We are available to offer counseling sessions, provide you with resources, and offer wellness opportunities. Below you will find the contact information for our counselors, their resource sites, and a list of seven great resources to help you successfully navigate COVID-19 with your children.


Jacob Crowder, Director of Student Counseling

Counselor Contact Info and Resource Pages

Jacob Crowder – Upper School

Alexis Restivo – Middle School

Kenneth Hoats – Lower/Intermediate School

7 Great resources to help you successfully navigate COVID-19 with your children:

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