Brookstone DLP Week Three

We had another great week of Distance Learning here at Brookstone! See some of the highlights below!

Upper School

We so enjoyed celebrating our seniors this week by surprising them with yard signs! Delivered by Dee Dee Branham, senior grade chair, Garry Sullivan, Upper School principal, and a few other helpers, we just want them to know how much they are loved!

And in academic news, check out this lung model illustrating negative pressure created by senior Sanders Hinds for Mrs. Cynthia Lingo’s Anatomy and Physiology class! So impressive!

Middle School

Middle School students enjoyed another edition of Dr. Maguire’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday! Click here to watch!


Middle School (and Upper School, too!) students also got to share their talents at the start of the week with Music Monday!

Over 130 students in grades 6-12 recently shared their talents by using their hands, minds, and hearts to play music.

Learning hasn’t stopped … it’s just spread from two classrooms to hundreds of homes!

Intermediate School

No true Brookstone DLP would be complete without an Intermediate School Morning Meeting! You just can’t start the day any other way! Enjoy this virtual morning meeting with Mrs. Javonne Stewart and Coach Dee Dee Gordan! What an incredible team!

On a more serious note, Javonne shared with parents this bit of wisdom and insight and it was worth passing on.

One of my favorite African Proverbs reads:

If you’re standing tall,

It’s because you’re standing on the backs of those who came before you. 

Make them proud.

I share this with you because we are experiencing an unprecedented time in history, one that many of us never would have imagined. We are shifting realities and rearranging our lives, being more conscious of our surroundings, and taking extreme caution. On the other hand, we are spending more time with family, taking more walks, and stopping to think about what it really means when the birds begin to chirp or the flowers start to bloom. Although this situation is unprecedented, history tells us this is not the first time that our nation has been faced with an intense struggle or an overwhelming challenge.

Right now, we are standing on the backs of those who came before us. You may know people who struggled, overcame odds, and paved the way for us to be who we are today. Keeping this in mind, let’s continue the legacy of being a community that rallies, shows each other grace and mercy, and respects the rules that will allow us to be a healthy, safe, and caring community. Our teachers are rocking it as they step up to the plate in a way that educators have always been known to do. I am forever grateful to them for paving the way and continuing a legacy of greatness. 

In stepping up, we have learned a lot about digital learning over the last week and a half and its impact on our families. Things are going smoothly for some, are somewhere in between for others, and are a complete struggle for parents juggling multiple children in the household. We recognize this and know that you are doing the very best that you can. We also are flexible in our thinking and ready to make adjustments. Thank you for letting us guide and support you. You, too, are rocking this!

Lower School

Leigh Anne Floyd also shared a bit of encouraging wisdom to Lower School Families today.

Many of you may feel like you are simply surviving and taking it one day (or minute) at a time. Feelings of being overwhelmed, guilty, and anxious can take their toll mentally, physically, and emotionally. It can negatively impact your health, and your immune system needs to be at its best now more than ever. Giving yourself grace right now is just as important as showing it to others, but it is easier said than done. It is about giving yourself that kindness that you deserve – it’s like the kind of thing you want to give your child or your best friend because you don’t want to see him or her breakdown. Grace comes when you least expect it or deserve it, and in that moment it changes you. It softens you. Like forgiveness and love, you can’t see it, but you know when you’ve experienced it. Grace is about acceptance, forgiveness, and love, and it heals you unlike anything else. There is no magic formula, but be open to the possibility of practicing self-compassion.

So why is this so hard to do? Why are we so hard on ourselves? Perfectionism is why. It is grace’s kryptonite. Perfectionism kills grace. Just like we tell our students that we are all imperfect, we have to remind ourselves of the same. You are not going to be perfect with “crisis-schooling.” It just isn’t going to happen. Things will not get done, and it is ok. Do like Elsa, and let it go. It will not be the end of the world; the sun will still set that evening and rise the next morning. You have to remind yourself that this is two months out of at least thirteen years (fifteen if your child started in 3K) in your child’s college preparatory education. Your children will be ready; this will not keep anyone from getting into medical school or becoming a scientist, architect, or artist. The sky will still be the limit – I promise.

If anything, this time will allow for opportunities that will create a special growth – a different growth. Did you know that Isaac Newton was a student during the Great Plague of London in 1665? During this time of social distancing is when all the magic happened for him. Click here to read more about this and why Tim Elmore says this pandemic is a terrible thing to waste. Make this pandemic an introduction, not an interruption. Remind yourself that you are not going to be perfect. Embrace your imperfection. Make imperfect your new favorite word and allow yourself grace. Grace. You deserve it!

And in case you missed it earlier this week, check out the color wheels that Lower School school students made inspired by their art teacher, Mama D. You can click here for that story!

Parent Perspective

Lastly, it’s always good to hear from parents! We are ALL learning as we continue this DLP, but we are grateful for positive feedback!

“I really appreciate everything y’all are doing. It seems like Brookstone has the most engagement with their students in Columbus. These classes keep the kids feeling like they’re in school and I feel like it is making them have to become more self-motivated. Thank you for everything you are doing!”

“As an 8th-grade teacher/parent, I couldn’t be happier with the assignments, workload and active engagement my daughter has received.  From her core courses, Spanish, Theater and PE – everyone has rocked! This is a time I feel so blessed that my child is a student at a place like Brookstone!”

Last but not least, if you need an activity over the next few days, print and color our beautiful Bell Tower!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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