“Voices of Change” Poetry Slam

In January, Brookstone celebrated the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by honoring the theme of “Voices of Change.” The overall purpose of this theme was twofold: to remember the strength, perseverance, and integrity of one who is the voice of one of history’s quintessential movements for change and to know that his legacy continues on in all of us. As one part of our celebration of “Voices of Change,” students were asked to enter Brookstone’s very first Poetry Slam. Poetry Slams originated in Chicago, Illinois, as a way to bring passion back to poetry recitations while giving voice to the voiceless. Local artists combined beats, music, and movement to come up with a unique presentation of poetry that quickly became popular in many urban areas. In thinking about “Voices of Change” and the many talents of our students, we thought it would be great for students to use poetry to express their interpretation of change. Receiving over 30 submissions, this video includes the student poems that both embodied the definition of a poetry slam and the theme of “Voices of Change.” Enjoy this powerful presentation of student voices.



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