Upper School Club Day!

Upper School Club Day was last week and it was a beautiful day on the quad to hold sign ups!

One of the great things about Brookstone is the ability to be involved in a variety of activities! And with over 40 clubs to choose from, from academics to sports to the arts, there truly is something for everyone!

Just to name a few, there’s a club for sign-language, coding, fishing, gardening, ornithology, investment, pre-med, music, dance, and school spirit to choose from. There’s even the Happy Club! Who doesn’t love that!?

Lindsey Chen, who heads up the gardening club, Agri-ColGA, says one of the things she loves is how the work they do gives back to the Brookstone community. She says, “We tend the raised beds outside the cafeteria and try to educate all the members on how to live greener! And we donate a majority of our produce to the Brookstone community and to the cafeteria to make fresh lunches.” From campus farm to cafeteria table – that’s about as organic as it gets!

But another thing Lindsey loves about the club is that it’s fun. “It is really fun and has brought so many unlikely groups together!”

Junior Hallie Denson, who is the president of Cougar Den, a Bible study club,  says, “Brookstone has a great club program! It allows people to meet others with similar interests and hobbies. Whether it be gaming, religion, race, or reading there’s a club for everyone!”

And if there isn’t a club currently that lines up with their interests, students are encouraged to start one! Thus, new this year is the 4-H club, organized by sophomore Dre’a Singleton. Dre’a writes, “I’m organizing the 4-H club because this organization has meant so much to me since 4th grade.  It’s unfortunate that 4-H is not as prominent in Columbus-Muscogee County area and I just want other people to be able to experience this amazing organization like I’ve been able to.”

She also says, “I like that Brookstone allows us to have clubs that are student-led because it’s cool seeing people take initiative and not be afraid to speak in from of their peers. It’s also really interesting looking at all the different things that my peers are into.”

So here’s to another successful year of Clubs at Brookstone! Now go and change the world!

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