2019 Brookstone College Tour

54523452_2159434360777690_4786972502884614144_nOver spring break, 27 energetic Upper School students joined our two college counselors, Frances Berry and Jon Terrell, for our 18th Annual College Tour. That’s right! 18 years of college tours. That is impressive.


Each year, our college counseling office takes a group of students to visit more than a dozen colleges on one of three routes. The 2019 tour focused on many of the schools in the Carolinas – going to 14 in total! That’s 14 schools in one week!

One of the highlights was visiting our alumni at the various schools and taking a Segway tour of Charlotte!


A special treat at Furman: meeting up with several Brookstone alums!


Our college counseling office deserves much praise – besides the fact that they traveled with 26 teenagers for a week! It’s the rest of the year that matters. Every single one of our seniors has one on one college counseling. One on one.

They also arrange for college admissions counselors to visit OUR campus. This school year alone, we had 35 college admission counselors from schools across the country visit our students at Brookstone. What an incredible gift – to meet with the representatives from the schools they want to attend in person, on their home turf. That’s a tremendous opportunity.

Thanks again to our Brookstone College Counseling Office and our wonderful counselors, Mrs. Frances Berry and Mr. Jon Terrell, for coordinating such an amazing opportunity for our students.

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