Yearbook Assembly and Alumni March

Yesterday morning was one of those mornings that just made you smile. It was one of those times where you remember all the reasons you love this school and how great it is to be a part of it.

We started the morning with our annual Yearbook Assembly, where the students unveiled this year’s book, featuring the most beautiful artwork by local artist, Helen Johnson. It is fitting to have a yearbook this gorgeous to celebrate the 50th Edition!

To make the morning even more special, the Senior Class chose to dedicate the book to Mr. Mark Erb, their Grade Chair. Mr. Erb is retiring after this year to move to North Carolina with his wife, Judy Erb, second-grade teacher extraordinaire. The impact these two have had on students at Brookstone is immeasurable. And the bond Mark shares with these seniors is something beautiful to behold. We are so grateful to “Merb” as he is affectionately known, for all he has done for these kiddos. His relationship with these seniors and theirs with him is the embodiment of all that sets Brookstone apart and makes it such a special place.

We also honored Mrs. Catherine Trotter who is retiring from Brookstone after 39 years of service. Catherine, who graduated as a member of the Class of 1973, is truly a LIFER here at Brookstone. As Jason Branch, Class of 1991 and current Chairman of the Board of Trustees, said yesterday, she’s been WORKING here at Brookstone three times longer than our seniors have been alive! That’s amazing!

As a fitting tribute to her service, she was given a beautiful Bo Bartlett print of the Bell Tower, presented to her by Jack Key, long time Board member and fellow alumni (Class of 1976) and then she was asked to lead our seniors on their Alumni March.

The Alumni March is one of our newer traditions and it is now one of our favorites. The whole senior class marches around the Quad surrounded by the entire school, from our 3K students to our rising seniors! Cheers, high fives, hugs, and hearts were given all around. It is one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen and yet another reason I love being all one school. Seeing big and little celebrating milestones together, encouraging one another, leading one another, and learning from one another…there’s just something pretty special about that.


The festivities continue tonight with the Senior/Faculty Dinner. And then Graduation is on Saturday. As the mother of one of those graduating, this entire week has been priceless. I am so grateful for this amazing school.

More to come! Stay tuned!



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