What Do New Families Have to Say About Brookstone?

Starting a new school can be an anxious time on the part of both parents and kids! And truthfully, on the part of a school, too, as we so desperately want to make sure all of our students are having a great experience. So when we hear feedback from new families that is so very encouraging, we just have to share!

We LOVE our school and we love that others are loving it just as much!

“I can’t tell you enough how much we are all enjoying the Brookstone experience. The kids are both genuinely happy and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  I am grateful for the staff and faculty and all the sweet friends they have made. I have enjoyed the parenting class on social media, the parenting book clubs, the high school play just last night, and the community feeling I get every time I see someone from school.  I am impressed every day!” 

He is living the 3k dream! 

“We have loved Brookstone and have been so blessed at how well my son is doing.  It was an answer to prayer.” 

“We are so blessed to be part of the Brookstone family.  Looking to make the circle complete by bringing my other child here next year! I couldn’t have chosen a better path for my children’s education.”

“Our daughter could not be happier and that makes us very happy!!!”

“She is doing great and the time is flying by. She is especially excited to be swimming for the Brookstone team. We can’t wait for the first swim meet next month.”

“My son is settling in very nicely. He is enjoying Brookstone very much!  He has found a great circle of friends, some of whom he knew already, and some of whom he has just met.  We are just amazed at how welcoming everyone has been – students and administration alike.  We can’t thank you enough.”

“I don’t know who’s happier – our child or us! He’s being challenged academically and athletically. We couldn’t be prouder. Thank you all for the positive experience he is enjoying.”

“Our daughter has been enjoying school and we are so glad to be a part of Brookstone. There has not been a day when kids say “I  don’t want to go to school!” The nurturing, caring, and loving atmosphere at Brookstone is hard to replicate anywhere. We appreciate all the teachers, staff and other families who make it all happen.” 

“The kids are chugging right along and enjoy it so much!  School, sports, plays, everything.  I just wish we had done it earlier!!” 

“Before our son started, my wife and I were a bit nervous about the fact that he would be in a completely new environment without any of his friends but everyone there has made the transition incredibly easy for him. The Freshman Retreat, the Link Crew leaders, the faculty – he has loved every aspect of Brookstone and that makes us so happy.” 


Maybe you are thinking about joining the Brookstone family! Well, I hope these quotes will encourage you to take that step! There’s no better school around! Come join us!

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