Five Reasons to Come to a Brookstone Open House

Choosing a school for your child is no small decision. That’s why we want you to come visit us! Our next Open House is this Thursday, December 5th and here are five reasons you will want to come!

  1. You get to see the campus in person. The best website, the best promo items, the best videos, the best billboard – they can only convey so much! SEEING things with your own eyes makes all the difference in the world.
  2. You get to talk to people. Have questions? Get them answered. Want to talk to a teacher? We can make that happen. Want to talk to another parent? We’ve got you covered. Admissions questions? Ask away.
  3. You experience it first hand. (See reason number one.) There is just something about being somewhere – truly experiencing the feel of a place – that cannot be replicated by reading about it online.
  4. You can see the students. One of the things visitors comment on most often is how happy our students seem to be. And it’s true! They are smiling. They are laughing. They genuinely love school. And to see that happen across divisions at every grade level is powerful. It’s not just one or two happy kids posing for a picture – it’s authentic.
  5. Come find out WHY BROOKSTONE for yourself. Come find out what makes this place so special. It’s not a dog and pony show. It’s not a production. It is an invitation to join us and see what we do every single day.

Why Brookstone? Come see for yourself! Click here to register!

Open House Invitation 2019 (1) (1).jpg

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