Why Brookstone?

Why Brookstone? Why should I choose to send my child to Brookstone?

These are questions often asked of us in the admissions department and they are valid questions.

Why? What sets up apart? What makes Brookstone so unique?

So we got to work to find our answer. Our faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees began working and surveying and researching to determine just what is it that sets Brookstone apart.

And over and over again, these are the things that rose to the top.

Here at Brookstone, PEOPLE MATTER.

We have a dedicated, professional top-notch faculty. Our teachers are the best and they make all the difference in the world.

You’ve heard of the “Brookstone Family?” Well, that’s a real thing! The Brookstone family is made up of engaged families, exceptional students, and a vast group of alumni.

We place a strong emphasis on creating a safe and secure environment and that plays out in a variety of ways. From the sheriffs on campus to the wellness initiatives we’ve implemented, to having a full-time nurse here on campus during the day! 

We are also committed to culture competency – to teaching and modeling the ability to understand, communicate with and appreciate different cultures and world views. As a school, we are committed to equipping our students with the knowledge, respect, and understanding they need. 

And in everything we do, whether it’s in the classroom, on the stage, or on the field, we hold a commitment to honor, excellence, and character in everything we do and say. 

Here at Brookstone, our PROCESSES ARE INNOVATIVE.

What does that mean?

It means we have researched based instructional methods for reading and writing.

It means our students are part of a virtual and global community of learners.

It means we implement computational thinking in our maths, sciences, and technology courses.

And it means we have made and will continue to make a substantial investment in professional development. Because we are committed to remaining the premier school and faculty in this region.

It means we have a growth mindset. It means leadership development for everyone, both students and faculty alike. And it means implementing a leadership institute that is the first of its kind in the world.

Here at Brookstone, our students have ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES. 

We are committed to developing servant leaders through our service trips and partnerships with dozens of service organizations – here locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Pre-pandemic, and one day again in the future, our students travel. We offer educational and immersive experiences all over the world.

We also send out students to colleges all over the country. One reason we are able to do that is because of the one-on-one college counseling our students receive. Our college counseling department works diligently with students and families to ensure they have the opportunity to visit, apply to, and enroll in the schools of their dreams. No other school in the region offers the same type of opportunity to their students. 

And through our vast network of alumni, parents, and friends of Brookstone, our students are offered and take part in a variety of unique leadership experiences. Not only through the experiences on our campus, such as the Blanchard Leadership Institute and our Prefect system, but also off-campus through our Deliberate Life program and Servant Leadership programs.

Here at Brookstone, we take a PERSONAL APPROACH to everything we do.

We are genuinely and intentionally focused on the well-being and success of each and every one of our students. 

We recognize that strong relationships between students, teachers, and coaches translate into academic growth. This plays out daily in our classrooms, on our fields, and on our stages in a myriad of ways. 

We are committed to maintaining a growth-minded culture that maximizes each student’s individual potential in every way.

And we recognize and value that all students are unique. No two are alike. And we are committed to serving each and every one of them. 

So Why Brookstone? That’s why.

Those are the things that make set us apart. Those are the things that allow us to offer our students an educational experience like no other.

We hope you will come see more for yourself. You can start by clicking here!


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