Brookstone Virtual Packet

When you visit Brookstone School for a campus tour, you are given an information packet with all kinds of information about Brookstone School – from the curriculum to tuition, to Brookstone Extended and more.

However, since we are not currently offering in-person campus tours, please click the links below to access your very own personal virtual packet!

HEADERS-WhyBrookstone_ (1)

Click here to read Why Brookstone?


Click here to read Why We Do What We Do – Lower and Intermediate Schools.


Click here to read Why We Do What We Do – Upper and Middle Schools.


Click here to read Learning Center.

HEADERS-Private vs Public

Click here to read Private vs. Public.

HEADERS-College Profile.png

Click here to read College Profile.


Click here to read Brookstone Extended.


Click here to read Tuition and Affordability.


Click here to read Apply Now!

And what do parents and teachers have to say about Brookstone? Read below!





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