Have Questions? Ask Admissions!

Moving to Columbus? Looking for a new school? Have questions about Brookstone?

Normally, we would invite you to come see our beautiful campus, visit our classrooms, and meet our teachers, but since we can’t do that right now, we invite you to do the next best thing! Take a virtual tour by clicking here. Read through our virtual packet by clicking here. But we’d still love to get to meet you face to face! So if you would like to have your very own personal Q&A session via Zoom with our Admissions Director, Avery Wolff, email her to schedule a time to do so today!

Until then we know the most important question anyone can ask when looking for a school is “Why?” Why this school? What makes this school so special? We invite you to find out more for yourself by watching the video below. It’s sure to help answer the question, “Why Brookstone?”

For more information and to schedule your own personal Q&A, send us an email today!


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